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Business document synchronisation that really works

On all mobile devices. And on Mac. And on Windows. And we can tell you where your business data is at all times. Wow.

We think every business, small or large, should be using this platform – it’s that good.

Update: Syncplicity Data Hub: Connect all those on-site file server documents and SharePoint libraries to your own private cloudall securely –  let RightServ show you how

RightServ spent two years looking for a business-grade Cloud document synchronisation service that would allow our customers to –

  • Securely synchronise business documents to the Cloud
  • Allow the location of these documents to be specified (it is your data after all…) either in a datacentre, or on your premises, all in Australia
  • Work across all major mobile platforms – we have all tried exchanging files between Apple iPad, Apple Mac, Android, and Windows mobile users –  the growing trend of BYOD means that most mobile devices can be accommodated using this platform
  • Allow for integration to your current Active Directory domain – meaning your current policy set to be extended to all devices
  • Allow for exposure of your current (SharePoint) on-site files to mobile devices. Again, wow.
  • Allow for detailed user and folder access control
  • All with mobile remote wipe features.
  • All for a fixed fee per month.

Need we say more?

The only product that met these criteria was Syncplicity from EMC.

Syncplicity’s policy-driven hybrid cloud gives your business complete control its own file security, synchronisation and storage location.

It’s secure, and reliable. With enterprise-grade access controls, military-grade encryption, remote wipe and domain integration, Syncplicity allows IT to protect corporate data folders, files, and devices without having to lock them down.


In short – we deploy Syncplicity with specific data synchronisation nodes wherever we need them in the Cloud –

  • In front of servers on your site, allowing exposure of existing file shares and SharePoint servers from your office
  • On our Cloud, at specified datacentre locations, or
  • On the Syncplicity Cloud


Employees work more efficiently, with more security, on more mobile platforms.

We then add our robust SLA (99,99%)  and support for your user base, all for a fixed fee per month.

Syncplicity truly does work in a reliable robust manner to allow for documents to be sync’ed edited and uploaded from the following platforms:

  • iOS iPad, iPhone
  • Android SmartPhones (Samsung)
  • Windows (7,8,10) platforms and laptops
  • Windows Mobile devices
  • Mac OSX

Contact us today for a demonstration, or have a look at these Syncplicity videos.

Dropbox alternative – Syncplicity

Red Sox and Syncplicity

Syncplicity and SharePoint integration


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