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RightServ’s Hybrid Cloud Solutions allow your business to

Keep Focus

Focus on the development of your business, rather than plan and support IT services

Reduce Service Delivery Time

Increase the speed of your deployment for software. Cloud based servers and templates include email marketing, document management and many others speed deployment time. Deployment in the Hybrid Cloud is a matter of configuration and modification, not build and install.

Reduce Cost

Reduced monthly costs for services and project deployment time. Hybrid Cloud provides significant cost savings and flexibility. This also reduces the cost of staffing for the support and management of services

Improve Security

The C-level concern about the business’ intellectual property being at risk can be addressed.

Hybrid Cloud services such as Syncplicity allow for corporate documents to be securely shared across multiple platforms (laptop, mobiles including iPhone and Android) all with a remote wipe features included. BYOD can be dealt with from a security perspective.

Leverage On-Demand Cloud resources

Cloud resources can be applied to services on-demand.

This means that additional performance can be directed to where they are most needed, when they are most needed, allowing for us to flex Cloud-muscle when you need it most.


Talk to Us (+61 2 9416 8900)