Hybrid Cloud Services


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Public, Private or Hybrid Cloud

Moving your IT infrastructure to the Public Cloud is not always the right answer for businesses concerned with security.

Similar levels of flexibility and pricing can be obtained using Private Cloud or Hybrid Cloud Solutions.

RightServ has experience in recommending and implementing all forms of Cloud based solutions.


Public Cloud

Using Public Cloud infrastructure providers – such as AWS (Amazon Web Services) or Microsoft Azure means renting services on shared platforms on the ‘net.

All you need is a credit card. Considerations include data security, where your data sits, and levels of support you require.

There is no tailoring to speak of – typically your business fits into a package of services.

Microsoft Office 365 is an example of a Public Cloud service.


Private Cloud

Virtualisation of elements of your own IT infrastructure is a Private Cloud for internal use. All the benfits of server virtualisation, including improved flexibility, targeted server loads, lower maintenance costs and improved deployment time can be achieved. RightServ can assist in creating your own Private Cloud

However this is typically built on your own, or rented, server infrastructure. This requires additional cost in maintenance and support.


Hybrid Cloud

Obtain the benefits of both Public and Private Cloud solution together.

Decide which services can be off-loaded to the Public Cloud, and rent dedicated Private cloud services. Securely joining these together (VPN or dedicated link) creates a Hybrid Cloud solution.

The best of both worlds: flexible and secure.


Hybrid Cloud is ideal for

  • Any web-facing application, including email, websites, CRM, company extranets
  • Company-wide application rollouts where central location of the application is ideal. (E.g.: SharePoint or CRM, being accessed by multiple users in multiple locations)
  • Any outsourced application set using Windows or Linux servers
  • Document synchronisation services

In addition to being able to consult on the best Cloud migration path, RightServ provides all this through a single contract and single point of contact.


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